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Our Sustainable Development is decisively entrenched in our 5-Year Corporate Strategic Plan for the period 2019 – 2023 geared at transforming Uganda Clays Limited into ‘The leading brand for building solutions’ in East and Central Africa.

Uganda Clays Limited’s foundation is anchored on our core corporate values:

In our 5-Year Corporate Strategy forecast 2023, we follow determined business pillars at the heart of sustainable development: People-centred, Customer focus, Operational Excellence, and Business growth. The successful achievement of these business pillars will be evaluated been on the outcome of;

  1. People centred – 80% staff engagement index.
  2. Customer focus – 90% Net Promoter Score.
  3. Operational Excellence – 5% Wastage level.

The business capabilities targeted by the 5-Year Corporate Strategic plan are: that customers are empowered to make easy buying decisions; that we have ability to offer and deliver quality goods to a large market at low cost; that our production process is lean with high quality standards and a customer-focused design; and that all this shall be done through a culture of execution, discipline, and innovation.

The Corporate business pillars are strengthened by four perspectives, which comprise of Strategic Objectives termed as building bricks.

In so doing, we are not only refurnishing our voluntary obligation to unceasing improvement of our people, systems, processes, customer-focus, and finances; but also embark on making a transformative contribution to the construction sector, communities, Uganda’s economy, and environment.


To be the leading brand for building solutions.


To drive radical improvements in building solutions through unmatched simplicity, convenience, and quality.


Customer first, Bold, Accountable, Quality, Teamwork, Integrity