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Leading Manufacturer of quality baked clay building products in Uganda. Established on July 10th, 1950, Uganda Clays occupies a leading position in Uganda’s supply and production of high-quality clay-baked products to a diverse range of both domestic and commercial satisfied customers.

It uses state-of-the-art kilns to currently provide the building materials in a brick-red color. The company’s products are categorized into roofing tiles, bricks, maxpans, quarry floor tiles, and others.

UCL operates with plants in Kajjansi and Kamonkoli (eastern Uganda). The Kajjansi plant’s operations are majorly manual but Kamonkoli’s are automated. At Kajjansi the two kilns are powered up by coffee husks, which are procured locally, Operations at Kamonkoli were also turned from furnace oil to coffee husks to reduce production costs.

71 Years of Experience In Business

Our staff

We pride ourselves in developing talent that not only meets our dynamic business expectations but also one that excels in innovation to ensure sustainable use of resources and problem-solving. At Uganda Clays Limited our primary objective is to offer an everlasting employee experience with competitive compensation and benefits. In our operations, everyone is given the freedom to demonstrate their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. The working atmosphere emphasizes and demonstrates engagement, loyalty, and team spirit.

Our reward strategy has been crafted to recognize every individual contribution to the business's overall success. An example is our recognition program- the ‘Asante’ program where we recognize everyone’s unique contribution that has an impact on the business.

At Uganda Clays Limited, we offer you not only the chance to build a successful career, but also an opportunity to make a difference and be part of a great testament to a transformed business.

Talent Management

Uganda Clays Limited prides itself as one of the best in developing local talent. We have many employees who have worked in Uganda Clays Limited and are now brand ambassadors. We are passionately committed to leading and shaping the future in clay-building solutions. Our talent model evolves around talent attraction and retention, capacity building, and creating a learning organization.

  1. Talent acquisition and retention; we strive to ensure that we get our hiring decisions right through robust talent acquisition processes. Visit our vacancies/ careers for more details.
  2. Capacity building: we strive to ensure that we have strong, dynamic succession pipelines. We train our staff to grow in their careers both internally and externally
  3. A learning organization: we skill our staff to ensure the sustainability of knowledge and skills. We ensure that our staff become content and knowledge experts within their business space.

Performance Culture:

Uganda Clays Limited prides itself in ensuring that we have a strong performance culture through:

  1. Staff Engagement: We strive to ensure that our staff is engaged on account of meaningful work, growth opportunities, and competitive compensation.
  2. Leadership: we strive to ensure that we develop agile leadership that stirs business growth through teamwork and strategic leadership.
  3. Organization performance: We ensure that our employees are empowered to perform, take decisions faster, and are physically and mentally well to propel the organization to greater heights.


To be the leading brand for building solutions.


To drive radical improvements in building solutions through unmatched simplicity, convenience, and quality.


Customer first, Bold, Accountable, Quality, Teamwork, Integrity